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Shan Dong Dong E Gujiao E Jiao Product Line Co. , Ltd

Tevékenységi kör

Bevonat és zselatin.


Kapcsolattartó: YANG Lishuai

Telefonszám: 18563551990




A vállalatról

Located at the home of Ejiao----Dong’e, our company has been famous for her series products of Ejiao for many years.
It was built in 2003,it covers about 48,000 square metres with 200 staffs work there.We have developed many series products of Ejiao which include: flexible oral liquid, capsule, solid particles, powders, tablets, etc.All these products have idenfifed by the the ISO9001,the HACCP and the GMP.
Besides insisting on our entrepreneurial spirit----integrity, science, innovation, efficiency ,we also keep pace with the times, and follow the strategic thought---- always be people oriented ,and make a sustainable development. We do have our own core business philosophy, and we are absorbed in delivering value to the customers, and meanwhile provide the health products. We believe that in this way, an overall development can be achieved, for the customers, our staff, and also the company.
We succeeded in becoming a listed company in Sptember 25th,2015. Our ticker symbol is 800308.

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