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Shouguang Vegetable Industry Holding Group Co.,Ltd

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Tevékenységi kör

Friss zöldségek, fagyasztott zöldségek, szárított gyümölcsök és zöldségek, zöldségmagok stb.


Kapcsolattartó: WU Lixun

Telefonszám: 15753626068




A vállalatról

Established in 2009, Shouguang Vegetable Industry Holding Group is one of the first batch of leading enterprises in China’s national agricultural development and has its own Chinese well-known trademark Colourful Manor, Shandong famous trademark Wangpo Melon, Guihe celery and other 11 geographical indication certificate trademarks, 4 geographical indication agro-products and 52 vegetable varieties that are certified as pollution-free, green and organic food. The group has invested¥20 million to build the molecular breeding lab with the supporting facilities of 33-hectares breeding base and 133-hectares R&D testing base. The group has 3 bases for seedling R&D and cultivation, covering the whole area of 66.7 hectares. With the sale revenue of 5 hundred million, 5 hundred million plants of seedling are sold. The revenue for the vegetable sector has reached 2 billion with 14 planting bases, 100 thousand greenhouses and annual green vegetable production of 2 billion kilo. With a focus to create the colourful manor modern agricultural industry park of 667 hectares, 12 thousand- hectare facility vegetable production base have been established due to the radiation drive in Shouguang. With the total investment of 1.6 billion, the group has bulit the Shouguang fruit and vegetable wholesale market covering the area of 20 thousand square meter, and the annual trading volume has reached more than 3 billion. As the group also has a 20 thousand square meter cold storage and a 40 thousand square meter processing and distribution center, it has formed the whole cold-chain monitoring and traceability system, achieving the food safety control and management for the whole cold-chain logistics. The group has actively responded to the national and Shandong strategy implementation for targeted poverty alleviation, built the 20 thousand hectares vegetable food safety production base, leading 100 thousand people to the road of wealth.

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